dmheadshotDavid Michael has been studying and experiencing different Paths to Consciousness for over 45 years. As he integrated the lessons one Path offered, he moved on to the next; living as a yogi, eating only raw foods for over 10 years, working at 47 different jobs, and studying Consciousness and Awakening paradigms with a series of Teachers and Masters. Now, living on Folly Beach and offering what he calls his Theories of Life, David teaches students around the country a non-dualistic paradigm of thought and action that helps them to break through perceived barriers that have held them captive, and create the Empowered lives they were seeking.



Lecture Series

This series provides regular events for those on active pathes of awakening. Attendees experience first hand, transformative concepts handed down from David's lineage of teachers and awakened Masters.

Video & Private Sessions

David Michael offers teaching sessions through video chat service to a global community.

Groups & Events

As a keynote speaker David offers unique insight applicable to individuals, corporates and, groups. His presentations will empower, challenge paradigms and, inspire audiences to live beyond limits.


The Latest


Welcome friends!

Welcome to my new website. As many of you know, 2015 and[...]

From a Student.

Every day I am grateful for the teachings of David Michael. In Buddhism, it's said the biggest obstacle on the path to enlightenment is finding a teacher. Well, here's mine. I've attempted to distill two years of hard-fought for lessons into this 18-minute short story. David, thank you for your selfless service. I am because you are. You forever changed my life by showing me a new way to live it. Thank you for being a father figure. Thank you for helping so many people more peacefully navigate life's most complex and challenging situations. Alison Click Here To Read Story

Q & A with Caroline.

This question comes to David from a talented musician Caroline. She asks David a very important question many of us had (Click Here) to watch the video.

40 Days of Thanks

In this candid Q&A David speaks of practicing gratitude and the profound effect over a 40 day period. If you decide to integrate this or a similar practice..(Click Here) to watch the video



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